How Does EECP Therapy Work?

How Does EECP Therapy Work?

EECP Therapy is mechanical procedure that inflates a series of blood pressure-like cuffs starting at the calves, thighs and lastly the buttocks to force blood back to heart during the diastolic phase of the heart cycle.

EECP forces the blood with great force through existent blood vessel that are dormant (not developed) over time creates new pathway ways for blood to feed the heart muscle. Because Coronary Artery Disease is a diffuse disease, this treatment acts as an effective Cardiac Therapy to increase the over all performance and strength of the heart with this increase in oxygenated blood flow to starved areas (ischemic regions) of the heart that have slowly deteriorated over time.

The mechanism of action of EECP is further effective in that it not only helps the heart, but it delivers blood to all organs of the body increasing the delivery of nourishment to benefits the body’s health and performance as a whole.

How Does EECP Therapy Work?

How Does EECP Therapy  Work?

It substantially improves quality of life and diminishes chances cardiac failure. The frequency and intensity of angina attacks are reduced and many patients find that they don’t need to take their angina medication as often.

Men and women treated with EECP report having a higher quality of life after EECP and many are able to exercise for longer periods without experiencing chest pain.

Find An EECP Treatment Center

Here are a few EECP Treatment Websites that will help you find a qualified  External Counterpulsation Therapy Treatment Centers in your area.

EECP Company Website

External Counterpulsation Therapy Website

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